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5g spectrums

Making sense of the 5G spectrums

5G is the next generation of mobile networks, and it's considered a major step ahead in comparison with 4G LTE. It was built with the goal of meeting the constantly growing mobile data demands.

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your phone

How to use Windows 10's "Your Phone" app

Do you remember the Windows Mobile operating system, which was released back in 1996? Probably not, because Microsoft discontinued it a few years later.

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extend battery life

Proven ways to extend phone battery life

Believe it or not, some phone owners used to enjoy a 7-day battery life only a decade ago. It's true that those phones had tiny monochrome displays.

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clean smartphone

Six steps to keep your smartphone safe

Most of us agree that having an antivirus suite installed on our PCs is mandatory. And yet, very few people install a mobile antivirus on their phones.

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internet of things

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Here's the simplest definition I could come up with: IoT is a huge array of gadgets that are connected to the Internet. Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, is an IoT device.

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tablet displays

Popular display technologies used for tablets

I am pretty sure that you have visited a computer shop before. And when you have examined all those great looking tablets, you've noticed that some of them have much brighter screens.

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