Tony Hawk Vert Mobile Java Game

Tony Hawk Vert Mobile Java Game

In order to drive fast, high flying up and perform complex tricks in our ward need the speed. First, it can recruit young receptions and jars that appear on the playing field, and later it will support itself - when you'll be doing something difficult - there's not the fall, and then have to start all over again. Under heaven there is all sorts of objects in the form of pesky birds, or any beams or lights, you slow down the first, second, on the contrary, will add speed and points. The game has two modes - the company and free "freestyle". If the first, we perform various tasks (sometimes even those curious as photography tricks, Tony Hawk), the second - we are elementary skating. The weak would like to note the brevity game - a shame to pass Tony Hawk: Vert completely for one hour, especially such a rare as this. But if you look a little wider, perhaps, gameplay is perfect - thanks to the variety, originality and excellent study of all the details. She draws a long time, at least until her passing.

Graphics play a little and lags behind the gameplay, but it has its own style - funny dystrophy in the helmet goes on and painted the field, closer to you, growing, and moving away - is reduced. In the tradition of hilarious cartoons he falls Dryga hands and feet, sparks from the skateboard and knocks down and feathers of birds, where it crashed. Luxury animation perfectly capture the drive, and beautifully striated tricks delight the eye.

Sound in the game is average - the melody is only in the main menu, and this is very frustrating. Post production fall and perform trick there, but they are few - over the level of sound heard only unfortunate impact on the teeth surface slides and solid sound successfully performing stunts. Management at the game to normal - all very easy and understandable.

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