In-Fusio Magnetic Joe 2 240x320 Java Game (487 Kb)

In 2006, the "one-touch" game "Magnetic Joe" won quite a number of awards in the field of mobile gaming. In that unique game, your task was to control a magnetized ball. "Joe" is only able to move when his body becomes electrically charged. "With the easy 'one-touch' control system, your fun is guaranteed", announced the developer. Now, Joe begins his new adventure, together with his buddies; "Little Joes". But this time, they face many enemies who may set several obstacles to stop them. Fortunately, Joe will also learn some new attributes, and use objects to conquer the evil ones.

As an evolution of the first part, this time there are 100 levels, in total. An enhanced physics engine and new cut-scenes will bring the players more fun and challenges. There are many new modes in this game, compared with the first, such as; "Training Mode", "Classic Mode", "Collect Mode" and "Enemy Mode". The "Classic Mode" is like the previous part, which can also be called a normal mode. In "Training Mode", you will be guided to learn some new elements and controls, which is the best way for you to adapt to this new game. As mentioned above, Joe meets his friends, "Little Joes", on his journey. The "Collect Mode" is designed for this sake. Before you collect all the Little Joes, the destination is marked as untouchable. While collecting, you should also be careful of the "traps" and "black holes". As the name suggests, "Enemy Mode" allows Joe to avoid them, in order to get to the target. There are various evils on the way, so you should control Joe carefully to avoid being touched. Besides these modes, there is also another part in the menu option: "Skate Board", in which Joe dons a Helmet and a Skateboard. How lovely it is! What's the difference between this one and the others? The special thing here is that you can earn "Extras"; gifts available at a distance. After you get the gifts, you can see them in the Extra option. The Extras may be "Invisible", "Bad Joe", "Inverse", etc. These are also the attributes of Joe. When you choose one, you will be told the extra is activated. For example, if you choose "Invisible", then in the game, you can not see the figure of Joe, only the magnet shows where it is.

The menu style is something like "Sola Rola" by Eidos Mobile. You can see all the options on Joe's head. Joe makes funny emotions when you choose from the options. The scenes of this series are much more colorful and better than the previous game. You can see "waterfalls", "iron doors" and so on. Besides the menu style, the "Success" and "Failed" animations are also funny.

With more modes, the game is much less monotonous. With only one button to control Joe, it's not always that easy. Sometimes you should slow down the speed to avoid enemies or traps; sometime you should press 5 for a while to speed up or to smash down iron doors. There are also many interactive devices in this part: "bear traps", "cannons", etc. They add more fun and difficulties to the game. Talking to enemies, you should pay attention to those who have weapons.

At the beginning, only a few levels can be played in all modes. After your success, more levels will be unlocked and more unique objects will be found. What a shame that there is no such feature, of the previous game, like "Code", which means you can download more levels to enjoy. But never mind, at least the amount of levels is already doubled as before.

Download "In-Fusio Magnetic Joe 2 240x320 Java Game" For Nokia N73, N79, N85, N95, N96, N81, N95 8GB, N82, 5300, 5320 XpressMusic, E66 Sony Ericsson C905, K800i, W580i, K810i, W880i, W830i, W910i, Samsung D900i, i7110, i8510 INNOV8.

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