Nitro Street Racing For E60, E70, N80, N90

Driving down the road in Nitro Street Racing doesn't exactly let you feel the wind in your hair. The blocky, 3D graphics are decent enough for a mobile racing game, but they're not that good. What's far more impressive is the way that Nitro Street Racing borrows some of the best features from the console space. More specifically, the recent open-world blockbuster Burnout: Paradise.
So here's how it works: Instead of simply choosing your race from a menu screen, you drive around the miniature environments (which unfortunately sport very little detail) and run into green arrows to trigger a race. For smashing into oncoming traffic and winning races, you'll be rewarded with tuning upgrades and new, slightly different backdrops to explore. Most of the straightforward circuits make use of your car's automatic drift abilities, but you'll find a few variations like drag racing where you simply time the shifting of gears and lane changes. The game's controls somewhat dampen your fun behind the wheel, though; while it's easy enough to slam the pedal to the metal and get ahead, drifting more often than not sends you into the guardrails. Still, at least Nitro Street Racing does seem to offer plenty of options for the idling racer.

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Download Now! (476k)
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