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Do you want to see a person who is calling you more clearly and in details? Well, use Best Full Screen Caller and your wish will be fulfilled! Best Full Screen Caller can show you the big picture of a person when you are receiving a phone call if this person is stored in your contacts database!

How does it work:
During the call, Best Full Screen Caller shows big picture and detailed information associated with the contact.

To have Best Full Screen Caller showing a big picture during the call, you have to activate it - simply click Activate in the main view of the application.

Best Full Screen Caller allows associating a big picture with each contact, group or even unknown caller. To set the picture, click Picture in the main view of the application, select the contact or the group and set a picture for them using menu item Select picture.

Flexible layout options of Best Full Screen Caller allow customizing the appearance of the screen shown during the call.

In this dialog you can configure the following settings:

* Show on - defines whether to show the screen during outgoing and incoming calls
* Backlight - normal or always on during a call
* Sort order - defines sorting order for pictures in Picture dialog and name order format
* Picture quality - defines quality of big photo
* Text font
* Show title - allows showing or hiding the title pane, when the title is hidden, caller's picture can be a little bigger
* Picture size - defines the size of the photo; maximum photo size is calculated as screen size minus the size of buttons bar and minus the size of title pane (if it is shown)

Layout dialog

To customize the options of default Layout, open Picture dialog and select Edit layout command from menu.

If the caller belongs to a group with a custom Layout, then the settings of Layout for this group will be used to display the picture. To set a custom layout for a group of contacts, select a group in Groups tab and choose Create layout command from menu.

Caller information screen can be adjusted with the following options:

* Display mode - full screen mode, detail mode, full screen detail
* Photo v-align - vertical align of photo
* Photo h-align - horizontal align of photo
* Caption v-align - vertical align of caption
* Details opacity / Details color - defines the transparency and color of details list-box
* Background - allows setting as background current theme, custom solid color or picture
* Background picture - this option is accessible when Background is set to Picture and is used to select a picture for background
* Text color - this option is accessible when Background is set to Picture or Color
* Selection text - this option is accessible when Background is set to Picture or Color
* Background color - this option is accessible when Background is set to Picture or Color
* Highlight opacity / Highlight color - defines transparency and color of caption and listbox highlighted item; this option is accessible when Background is set to Picture or Color
* 1st, 2nd, 3rd Caption fields - allow choosing which information exactly about the caller will be shown in the caption
* Detail fields - allows showing or hiding fields in detail mode

You can preview the outcome of your settings selection with help of Preview command.

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