Free Download Resco Photo Viewer For N70, N90, 7610

Enjoy your favorite photos on the move. Fast and high quality preview, animations, attractive slideshow, fax preview. Color editing and all standard image functions included.

Which images:

Images taken by your built-in Nokia camera
Images taken by your digicam
Images received via email, MMS, beam etc.
These formats are supported:
jpg (incl. progressive)
gif, animated gif,
bmp, png, wbmp, ota,
mbm (multipage), tiff/fax (multipage)
What can you do with an image:
view (full scale or reduced)
zoom, rotate
edit (adjust colors)
crop (save image cut-outs)
exchange with another phone, PDA... (via MMS, email, BT, IR)
manage (copy, move, rename, delete)

What else can you do:

watch animations
view multi-page images (tif/fax, mbm formats)
run slide show with attractive effects
manage folders
Other features:
list or icon view with three different icon sizes
setup-able image quality
resize images to fit or fill the screen, display in full size
multi-selection support for file operations, beam and slideshow

(right click >> 'save target as')

Download Now! (207k)
Download Now! (207k)

Problems in Downloading???

Free Software Download For Nokia N70, N72, N90, N91, 3250, 6600, 7610, 6630, 6680, 6681 and all other series 60 V2 phones.

Detailed List of Compatible devices:

Nokia 3230
Nokia 3600
Nokia 3620
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7650
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N70
Nokia N90
Nokia N91
Nokia Series 60
Panasonic X700
Panasonic X800
Samsung SGH-D720
Samsung SGH-D730
Siemens SX1


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