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Another summer movie, another mobile game. The latest popcorn flick to get the mobile treatment is Poseidon. The Warner Bros. movie is a remake of the 1972 disaster film "The Poseidon Adventure," which starred Gene Hackman and the late (but very great) Shelley Winters. The updated cast includes Josh Lucas and the always dependable Kurt Russell, although none of the actors' likeness really appear in the mobile game.

The game opens with a mild cinematic, as we see snippets of characters musing about what the future may hold as the clock counts down to midnight. The New Year, however, is not rung in with champagne and casual sex, but a massive tidal wave that rolls the ship upside-down. Many are killed immediately, and it almost appears as if they are the lucky ones. The survivors must somehow climb through the wreckage of the overturned vessel and find a way to escape impending doom -- a ship turned over like this does not stay afloat for very long.

One of the things that struck me right away about Poseidon was the sheer amount of death everywhere. There are dead bodies slumped against walls or propped in corners. Even more grisly, as the ship starts to fill with water, limp bodies bob in the waves. For example, a woman in a cocktail dress lays face-down in the water, her arms dangling straight down, as if she is pointing to where she is afraid of going in the afterlife. There is a movement underfoot in mobile to shy away from death, crime, and any hint of realistic violence. I'm glad Poseidon squeaked out before such a voluntary plan was implemented, as seeing dead bodies everywhere conveys just how dire the situation is for the survivors.

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Download Now! (185k)
Download Now! (185k)

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