Download Smart Movie 3.40 Cracked Mobile Software

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device.REGISTRATION CODE: 0000

Play your videos on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime, you need just a few steps!

Convert any video file on your PC into a phone-friendly video file.
Upload video into device/memory card.
Play the video in SmartMovie Player installed on your mobile device.

Features :

• Standard AVI format, allowing you to preview converted files on your PC.
• Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing full screen size of the device.
• Rescaling of video to utilize full-screen area.
• PC converter allows you to split video file into multiple segments, so that it fits onto your memory card, if not entire, then cut to more parts - you may watch your favorite video in parts, e.g. while traveling to work/school.
• Support for subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages.
• Friendly PC converter - preview videos on PC, select parts you want to convert, alter quality.
• Supports DirectShow codecs, so you may use video codecs downloadable from the internet.
• Very fast conversion; on standard PC conversion is 5x faster than video clip playback time. You'll convert entire movie in just a few minutes
• Bicubic rescale algorithm shrinks video to small screen size in best possible quality.
• Adjustable quality parameters for video and audio streams, allowing tuning target video to your needs.
• Customizable video Player (brightness, language, volume, and more).

(right click >> 'save target as')

Download Now! (444 k)
Download Now! (444 k)

Click Here, If Facing Any Problems!

A Free Software Download That Would Work With Nokia N70, N72, N90, 6680, 6681, 6682, 3230, 6670, 6630, 6260, 7610, 6620, 6600 And All Other Series 60 Second Edition Phones!


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