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The Roland Garros tournament is one of the most important sportive events in the world. With this game we will bring this tournament to the mobile platform in the most realistic and playable format.


- 3 different play modes; Roland Garros Tournament, Quick Match and Training.

- Game saving feature, allowing to save the progress between tournament matches.

- Extremely powerful control.
- Matches configurable to 2 or 6 games, and 1, 3 or 5 sets.

Play modes:

-Training In the upper part of the field there will be a ball-launching machine which will move constantly from left to right, launching balls.

With this machine the player can learn the basics and train his technique.

There will be a "ball return" counter which will increase every time the player returns a ball, and will reset when the player misses.

A high score count will keep the maximum consecutive balls returned and it will be saved in the phone's memory. This play mode may not be available in phones with very high memory restrictions.

- Quick match The player will be able to play select the number of games, sets, and difficulty before starting the match. He will play against a random player.

- Roland Garros Tournament In this mode the player will play the Roland Garros Tournament from the 1st qualify round to the final match, 7 matches in total. The player will be able to set the initial difficulty of the tournament, which will increase after each match. The player will be able to select the length of the tournament and quick matches.

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download (177k)
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