Free Download Alien Shooter For Sony Ericsson Phones

If the game's attempts to revolutionize and add some depth to the 2D blastfest are entirely unsuccessful, then it's a testament to the game's mastery of the genre that I'm able to recommend it wholeheartedly. No, none of the non-shooting parts of the game work anywhere near as well as intended, but the shooting itself is so much fun that it more than makes up for any shortcomings.

This is casual, time-killing gameplay in the classic sense, the natural descendant of Robotron and the like. It's fun and violent and asks nothing at all from its player than to spend a few minutes blowing things to pieces whenever they feel like it, rewarding them with epic levels of blood and gore when they do. It's not such a bad trade-off, really.
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Download Now! (193k)
Download Now! (193k)

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