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Disney Dogs is unlike the usual pet games and has a bit more substance to it. For starters, the game has a definitive aim for you to reach. As cute as the graphics are in some of these pet games, I could never see myself feeding and petting my virtual pet forever. Disney Dogs gives you a reason to care; look after your dog and win the mini games and become 'top dog'. Grooming and caring is an essential aspect but has been placed on the second shelf in a game which has more focus on the mini games and the underlying aim. This approach should appeal to a wider audience; even this pet hating Greek quite liked it.

Disney Dogs is set in the world of Mickey Mouse and his friends and obviously their pets. Minnie, Pluto and Butch are all present but thankfully no ducks. As you might expect, the 2D graphics and characters are well drawn (although some of the animation of the dogs walking is a bit off).

There are four dogs to choose from, each with their owners and houses. The houses are there for the grooming and here you will find the fridge, the sleeping mat and the bucket of water. There is no pet store, no vet, no special dietary supplements or doggie chocolate. When the dog is hungry, feed it. When it is dirty, wash it. As long as you show it some affection and let it sleep now and again, your dog will be happy. Most of the chores have been designed into very basic minigames. For example, when it is time for the feed, you have to control your dog and nudge the bowl to catch the food.

Most of the action in Disney Dogs happens in the park where you compete against the other dogs to earn some respect and be 'top dog'. There are 9 different games on offer and you wonder if this is a pet game or a mini game application with a pet flavour.

The game starts you off with the basics of pet care and also unravels the love triangle/square between the other dogs and sets the scene for the rest of the game. As you progress, options are unlocked and you have the choice of playing as the other dogs. Disney Mobile promises upto 8 hours of gameplay if you want to complete the game with all the characters.

Disney Dogs takes the genre to the next level and gives the user a greater sense of purpose.

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Download Now! (377k)

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