Message Mirror Standard

If you need to find a deleted sms message, make backup of their communications or correspondence keep their secret, the program for smartphones Message Mirror for you! After starting the program, it monitors all new messages, and messages will appear in the repository Message Mirror. If a message is removed from the folder 'members', it will remain in the repository program, which can be read at any time.
The program supports export messages in the 4 x formats: TEXT, HTML, CSV and XML.

Features include:
- Monitoring of the SMS traffic and the creation of CVS communications.
- Ability to find any single remote communications.
- TEXT/HTML/CSV/XML. -- Exports of communications TEXT / HTML / CSV / XML.
- Bluetooth. -- The ability to transfer messages to a PC via Bluetooth or infrared.
- Maintains log
- Ability to set password
- PowerBoot. -- Startup using PowerBoot.

(right click >> 'save target as')
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